December 19, 2018

FAA Halts Domestic UAV Testing Site Selection


Southern Maryland is vying to be one of the first site selected for testing unmanned aircraft in domestic civil airspace.

First Operational Triton UAV Rolls onto Assembly Line

MQ-4C BAMS Triton unveiling

Northrop Grumman completes the fuselage for the first operational next-generation submarine hunter.

Obama Threatens Veto of Bill Preventing Defense Cuts

White House

White House says the GOP bill is unconstitutional and does not spread the pain of budget cuts equally.

Deadline Day for White House Sequestration Plan

White House

The Obama administration must detail sequestration cuts today, according to a law signed last month.

Continuing Resolution Could Stall Sequester

capitol hill

Congress passed a bill maintaining the budget instead of submitting a new budget, but the move could stall defense cuts.

Navy: Mechanical Failure Caused Global Hawk Crash

Capt. Jim Hoke

BAMS-D Captain says last month’s drone crash was the result of mechanical failure, not user error or communications.

Pax River Cleans Up Drone Crash Site


The cause of the Global Hawk accident is still under investigation.

New BAMS drone Unveiled in California

MQ-4C BAMS Triton unveiling

The Navy’s version of the Global Hawk will be know as “Triton,” son of Poseidon.