February 23, 2018

Expect Layoffs if Congress Can’t Budget Right

capitol hill winter

DoD will be forced to cut its workforce if the FY-14 budget grows beyond the limits of sequestration.

It’s Official: Furloughs to Begin April 26

Pentagon Capitol

DoD civilian workers will lose one day of pay a week if Congress doesn’t reverse sequestration.

F-35’s Blind Spot Sparks Survivability Debate

F-35 transonic

Leaked Pentagon report says the fighter is vulnerable in a dogfight.

Navy to Relocate Triton Program to Pt. Mugu

MQ-4C Triton

About 700 jobs will be moving to California to support the Navy’s surveillance drone.

Another Rough Week for the JSF

f-35 nose

Safety investigations, layoffs and official criticism buffet the Joint Strike Fighter program.

Crash Did Not Stall BAMS Program, Software Did

MQ-4C Triton

Director of Operational Test and Evaluation report cites software instability in flight control computers and ground testing delays.

JSF Cited for ‘Lack of Maturity’

F-35B Joint Strike Fighter sunset

The high-tech helmet isn’t ready, and the F-35B is developing cracks, according to the DOT&E report.

FAA Halts Domestic UAV Testing Site Selection


Southern Maryland is vying to be one of the first site selected for testing unmanned aircraft in domestic civil airspace.

First Operational Triton UAV Rolls onto Assembly Line

MQ-4C BAMS Triton unveiling

Northrop Grumman completes the fuselage for the first operational next-generation submarine hunter.

Obama Threatens Veto of Bill Preventing Defense Cuts

White House

White House says the GOP bill is unconstitutional and does not spread the pain of budget cuts equally.