June 16, 2024

Confidence in US Military Lowest in 25 Yrs.

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American confidence in the United States military recently reached its lowest point in 25 years, according to a new poll. “At 60%, confidence in the military was last this low in 1997,” according to Gallup. The all-time low came in 1981, on the heels of the Iran hostage crisis, reports Military Times.

AP News reports a federal judge has again refused to dismiss a lawsuit brought by former Abu Ghraib inmates against CACI, a military contractor they accuse of being complicit in torture at the infamous Iraqi prison. Virginia-based CACI, which supplied interrogators at the prison, has long denied that it engaged in torture, and has tried more than a dozen times to have the lawsuit dismissed. The case was originally filed in 2008 and still has not gone to trial.

The Pentagon is pulling 1,100 active duty troops from the US-Mexico border who deployed earlier this year in anticipation of a surge of at the border triggered by the US lifting pandemic restrictions. At the time, illegal border crossings were swiftly escalating, Military.com reports, border agents encountering 10,000 migrants a day and at one point had 27,000 migrants in custody. But immediately after the restrictions expired, the numbers dropped sharply to about 5,000 encounters a day, and have stayed low, according to the agency’s data.

The Republican governors of Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Nebraska this week joined a growing list of those deploying National Guardsmen to the US-Mexico border to bolster the ranks of the Texas National Guard’s scandal-scarred mission. Military.com reports the roster now includes at least 13 Republican governors who collectively made pledges to send roughly 1,300 Guardsmen to the border to support Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star, which is well into its second year and has cost at least $4.5 billion in an effort to combat illegal immigration and smuggling.

President Joe Biden has decided to keep US Space Command headquarters in Colorado, overturning a last-ditch decision by the Trump administration to move it to Alabama and ending months of politically fueled debate, reports Military Times. Head of Space Command, GEN James Dickinson argued that moving his headquarters now would jeopardize military readiness. However, lengthy Air Force studies had determined that relocating to Huntsville, AL, was the right move.

Denver’s Lockheed Martin Aerospace will be developing and building a fission-powered nuclear engine for spacecraft with a $499 million contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, reports Denver Gazette.

The first American nuclear reactor to be built from scratch in decades is sending electricity reliably to the grid, but the cost of the Georgia power plant could discourage utilities from pursuing nuclear power as a path to a carbon-free future, reports AP News. Georgia Power Co. announced Monday that Unit 3 at Plant Vogtle, southeast of Augusta, has completed testing and is now in commercial operation, seven years late and $17 billion over budget.

An Air Force Research Laboratory program has awarded a $142 million contract to Archer Aviation, a Santa Clara, CA-based company, to deliver up to six electric flying taxis or cars, as the vertical takeoff and landing aircraft are sometimes called, says Military.com. The obligation is to deliver up to six of Archer’s “Midnight” aircraft to the Air Force, share flight test data, test reports, offer pilot training, and develop maintenance and repair operations, the company said.

Marine leaders say they will make their recruiting goal this year, while the active-duty Army, Navy, and Air Force all expect to fall short. The services have struggled in the tight job market to compete with higher-paying businesses for the dwindling number of young people who can meet the military’s physical, mental, and moral standards, reports Military.com.

Five military veterans in Congress have written DefSec Lloyd Austin and Attorney General Merrick Garland asking they review options for retrying former Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl after his verdict was vacated last week by a civilian court, reports Military.com. Reps. Mike Waltz (R-FL), Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), Jake Ellzey (R-TX), Ryan Zinke (R-MT), and Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) demanded an immediate review of the case, saying the nullification of the sentence “dishonors those who served and died alongside Bergdahl.”

The Army wants to take its long-delayed $22 billion augmented reality goggle program into production as early as summer 2025, reports NextGov. The headset was intended to integrate night vision, radio communications, targeting capabilities, and more, but soldiers who tested the goggles expressed serious objections. Over the five-year span of the program Army officials think improvements are now closing in on a production version.

High winds hit power lines in Japan’s popular tourist destination Okinawa, knocking out electricity to more than 200,000 households Wednesday morning, as powerful and slow-moving Typhoon Khanun neared the country’s southwestern islands. Reuters reported as of then, one death reported and at least 25 people injured.

Stars and Stripes updated 11 pm Wednesday, Aug. 2, Japan time, that Khanun had begun moving west away from Okinawa and US bases on Okinawa had entered a condition of recovery, meaning sustained 58-mph winds were no longer occurring. Staff civil and first responders had begun surveying damage. Residents were told to remain indoors until an all-clear is issued.

Joint Task Force – Red Hill finished removing fuel from surge tanks Friday, reports USNI News. Removing the 480,000 gallons of fuel from the underground surge tanks is one of the steps needed in order to completely defuel the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility. The surge tanks were service tanks, which means they were not involved in the process of defueling the facility’s main tanks.

A regional bloc of West African nations known as ECOWAS has given Niger’s coup leaders one week to reinstate the country’s democratically elected president and have threatened to use force if the demands aren’t met, reports Military.com. The bloc convened to respond to last week’s military takeover. President Mohamed Bazoum remains under house arrest and has yet to resign. An AP update reported the 15-nation bloc’s defense chiefs resolved to “take all measures necessary (that) may include the use of force.” Previously imposed economic and travel sanctions used against the coup plotters failed.

The Pentagon has suspended security cooperation with Niger due to the political unrest in the West African nation, but US troops are not being evacuated, and some continue to engage with members of the country’s military, according to Military.com. “There’s no imminent threat against any US personnel or American citizens,” BRIG GEN Pat Ryder, the Pentagon’s top spokesman, told reporters Tuesday.

Niger’s airspace has been closed since the coup overthrew the government in late July and the US military is unable to fly drones from its base in Niger, reports Stars and Stripes. Known as “Nigerien Air Base 201,” the installation cost $110 million to build and it features a 6,200-foot runway for MQ-9 Reapers as well as manned aircraft. The US military began conducting drone flights from the base in November 2019.


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