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Jordan R&D – Inventor at TechPort 2.0

Brian Jordan, president, and Donna Jordan, CFO, are co-founders of Jordan Research & Development and a collaborative asset of the TechPort UAS Business Incubator at the Aviation Technology Park at St. Mary’s Airport.

Brian Jordan, a US Navy veteran and engineer, is most emphatically an inventor and entrepreneur. “I always wanted to be more than just an inventor,” he says. “I want to take products to market. I want products that are marketable and patent-able.”

And that’s what Jordan  Research & Development does — focuses on finding solutions to many problems; it is not in search of one signature invention.

“We are always thinking,” Mr. Jordan says, referring to himself and his wife and business partner, Donna Jordan. She serves as chief financial officer for their company, which they founded in 2015. The goal is to develop, design, prototype, patent, manufacture, and market new ideas and concepts.

“I don’t want to be bogged down too much with one product,” Mr. Jordan says.

Jordan Research & Development has been with TechPort, the business incubator of Southern Maryland, virtually, since its inception in 2018. This is the type of incubating and shared space that can best generate and promote the ideas that Jordan R&D wants to launch.

TechPort UAS Business Incubator assists clients with their innovation and business in UAS, autonomous systems, and solar technology. In addition to membership, TechPort opportunities include monthly Tech Talks, and a wide array of other opportunities to accelerate connection with stakeholders and to discuss and explore topics of interest to new entrepreneurs.

“At TechPort there is true collaboration,” Mr. Jordan says, adding that currently Donna is helping another TechPort client with their taxes. “It’s truly a symbiotic relationship.”

“An inventor of Brian Jordan’s caliber is a huge bonus for TechPort,” says Tommy Luginbill, director of TechPort.

Over the years, Mr. Jordan has created toys, clothing, medical/health care, outdoors, military/tactical, and green products. An accident with a table saw in his workshop and the loss of several fingers led to his development of Robiotech Corporation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to researching, developing, and providing prosthetics for those who need them. He understands the need for these types of assistive devices.

Mr. Jordan often focuses on needs that are not being met.

After seeing a Facebook Live account of someone in their attic trying to avoid rising flood waters in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in 2017, he realized people who live in potential flood areas need something in their houses that can double as a boat. Knowing that rubber for inflatable rafts will dry rot over time, he knew he needed something more reliable. But since many people do not have room to store a boat, it needed to function 99% of the time as something else. So, he invented the BoatCase.

It “doubles” as a bookcase and includes two life jackets, two paddles, and 50 feet of rope.

The recent novel coronavirus has afforded another invention for the eager-to-help research and development company.

Bay Mist is a non-toxic, all-natural sanitizer/deodorizer that is safe to use around food, children, and pets. It disinfects kitchen surfaces and utensils, refrigerators, shoes, gym bags, cars, curtains, furniture, and more.

“Brian’s creativity is exceptional. He does not just see problems, he sees solutions. That is the kind of business we want to support and collaborate with at TechPort to continue bringing innovation to scale,” Mr. Luginbill says. “Donna’s business acumen is exceptional. Having the know-how of Brian and Donna readily available for all of us makes TechPort a better place.”

For more information about TechPort at the Aviation Technology Park at St. Mary’s County Regional Airport, contact Tommy Luginbill at 44185 Airport Road, California, MD 20619;  Email Or visit TechPort’s Leader member page; or visit them on Facebook




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