July 13, 2020

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No Program Cut Details in White House Sequestration Report

Pentagon aerial

The Office of Budget and Management’s report on sequestration estimates that DoD will lose $54.7 billion in 2013.

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White House Sequestration Report Due to Arrive

capitol hill

It’s a week late, but the Obama administration’s report on sequestration spending should come Friday.

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Obama Threatens Veto of Bill Preventing Defense Cuts

White House

White House says the GOP bill is unconstitutional and does not spread the pain of budget cuts equally.

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F-35 Endures a ‘Very Painful’ Pentagon Review

F-35C JSF formation

Defense Acquisition Board unhappy with testing progress on the fighter’s high-tech helmet display.

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The Ghost of VH-71 Drives Layoff Debate

vh-71 presidential helicopter

Pentagon censure after the presidential helicopter shutdown is driving Lockheed to issue layoff notices before sequestration.

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White House Misses Sequestration Deadline

Pentagon Capitol

Congress wants a report on how the White House plans to make sequestration defense cuts.

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Deadline Day for White House Sequestration Plan

White House

The Obama administration must detail sequestration cuts today, according to a law signed last month.

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Jacques Gansler: Go Slow on Acquisitions Reform

Jacques Gansler

Former undersecretary of defense for Clinton warns the Pentagon not to repeat past mistakes.

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Dem Platform Stands By Defense Cuts

Barack Obama

The Democratic national platform calls for the elimination of “Cold War weapons.”

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Marine F/A-18 Hornet Crashes at NAS Fallon

FA-18 C

Pilot successfully ejects from aircraft.

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