September 22, 2023

Walden Wise

Walden Wise is a new community dedicated to bringing caring adults closer to each other to discover and learn what works on behalf of children. Our members are caring adults who want to improve the lives of children by attending to their emotional health. At Walden Wise we call ourselves CoCreators.

If you’re an adult who cares about kids you probably get a sense that something’s just not quite right about how they are growing up. Children live in worlds created by adults. Yet, the very information that could often help us improve the experience of childhood is far removed from our daily lives. The solutions that exist remain out of our reach.

CoCreators share valuable resources, connections and experiences to help nurture the emotional health of the kids in our lives and yours. We work toward empowering every adult who influences the lives of kids to take inspired action.

CoCreators proudly accept the awesome responsibility they have over children’s lives, carry out their roles with intention, and arm themselves with knowledge about what is best for children.

  • Parents, caregivers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles
  • Teachers, coaches, mentors
  • Researchers, scientists, academics
  • Advocates, policymakers, legislators
  • Physicians, clinicians, and other child-serving professional

What kind of CoCreator are you? Let us know: Visit us at, join us on Facebook and Linked-In, follow us on Instagram.



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