November 29, 2023

Schedule a No-Cost Home Energy Analysis


Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative says a no-cost home energy analysis is a great way to get started on finding ways to save on energy costs.

SMECO Donates LEDs to Food Bank

SMECO Donates LEDs to Food Bank

As part of Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative’s participation in EmPOWER Maryland, 32,688 LEDs were donated to help families who need assistance save money by reducing energy use.

SMECO Marks Three-Million-Bulb Milestone

SMECO Marks Three-Million-Bulb Milestone

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative has hit a milestone. The co-op has announced that residential customer-members have bought three million ENERGY STAR bulbs since 2010.

Get Big Discounts on LED Lights

LED lights

The benefits of upgrading your home’s lighting options just keep growing. Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative is now offering big discounts on select Energy Star light-emitting diode lights, or LED lights, at several participating retails in the Southern Maryland service area.

CSM Gets Big Rebate After Light Fixture Changes


Making some energy-saving changes on campus garnered a big payout for the College of Southern Maryland. CSM received a $133,000 rebate from Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative’s Business Solutions program after the college completed retrofit lighting projects in buildings at the La Plata, Prince Frederick, and Leonardtown campuses.

Light Bulbs Donated to Help Families in Need

light bulbs

SMECO has donated 30,000 energy-saving light bulbs to be distributed by the Southern Maryland Food Bank.

Temps Go Down, Electric Bills Go Up

smeco temps go down

Winter is upon us. As the temperatures outside drop, electric bills rise. Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative offers energy-saving tips.

Get SMECO Rebates on Energy-Efficient Appliances

energy-efficient appliances

SMECO encourages customers to save money and energy by offering rebates on qualifying energy-efficient home appliances.

SMECO Offering Rebates on Energy Star Purchases


SMECO offers rebates up to $500 on Energy Star-certified appliances, Feb. 13-15, covering Maryland’s tax-free weekend for certain Energy Star products.

SMECO Discounts One Million Energy-Saving Lightbulbs

CFL light bulb

SMECO announced that its lighting program has provided discounts for more than a million compact fluorescent lights.