April 21, 2024

7th Fleet Boosts Stealth Attack Options

US boosts stealth attack options in the Pacific by deploying new Marine F-35B fighter jets from the the USS Wasp, which arrived this weekend into the area of operations.

Search Ends For Sailors After C-2 Crash

Search Ends For Sailors After Greyhound Crash

The US Navy called off the search for three sailors missing in the western Pacific last week. The three remained missing after a C-2 Greyhound carrier onboard delivery aircraft carrying 11 crew and passengers crashed Wednesday while on the way to the carrier USS Ronald Reagan.

Meet a C-2 Greyhound @ Pax River Museum


The Pax River Naval Air Museum is offering the opportunity to get a close-up view of a C-2 Greyhound on Nov. 7, 2015.