June 13, 2024

St. Mary’s Begins Plans to Reopen Businesses


St. Mary’s County government officials announce plans to gradually reopen some retail, houses of worship and some personal services, such as barbershops and beauty salons.

Inmates Can Now Use Video Visitation

video visitation

Family members and friends of inmates at the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center have a new way to visit their loved ones, as the center has just unveiled a new ICSolutions Visitor video visitation system.

Community Work Team Keeps County Cleaner

Community Work Team

The St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center has devised a new way to help the county deal with the problem of roadside trash, while also helping inmates get outside and contribute to the community.

Walden, Detention Center Partner for Vivitrol


Walden Behavioral Health and the Detention Center are partnering to offer Vivitrol to opiate addicted inmates.

Drug Summit Planned for Parents in St. Mary’s

Subtitled “St. Mary’s Opioid Overdose Response,” the summit addresses increasing local pill and heroin addiction and the increasing numbers of related deaths.