February 9, 2023

Dyson Sponge Bob Spreading Holiday Cheer

Dyson Sponge Bob

It’s that time:Dyson Sponge Bob, pulls on his Santa outfit and bring smiles to young and old travelers through Great Mills, MD.

Dyson Building Center Enters E-Marketplace


Dyson Building Center in Great Mills, MD, will open an e-marketplace in Sept. 2015, competing with comparable pricing, head-to-head with box stores.

Get Ready: It’s Summer @ Dyson’s

Dyson windmill

Seed the yard, invite the birds & neighbors to a yard suited for your summer comfort, from Dyson Building Center.

Dyson Building Center is Going Green

A complete conversion to solar is powering all of Dyson Building Center, and that’s just a start of a transformation of the family business.

Top-notch Boat & Dock Accessories & Coatings

Dyson Building Center expanded their Marine section with an array of products for boats, docks, and piers, crafted to stand up to the Chesapeake Bay.

Weekenders Join Locals – Find It @ Dyson’s

Supplies made specifically for Bay enthusiasts, from crabbing to fishing to camping supplies to traditional oil lamps. Melanie Dyson shows off some of the stock here.

Dyson Opens New RV & Marine Depts.

“A little bit of everything that you need,” says Melanie Dyson, and they can order most everything else.