October 4, 2023

Confederate Renaming ‘Intense’

The military’s Naming Commission, charged with renaming military installations and other military assets which honor leaders of the Confederacy, faces “intense” verbiage from opponents, according to retired GEN Michelle Howard, head of the Confederate renaming panel.

Arlington Nat’l Cemetery Takes Land to Expand


Arlington National Cemetery looks to expand onto land owned by Arlington County, VA. The Justice Dept. filed paperwork this week to take about 49 acres of land through eminent domain powers. The additional acreage is expected to create space for up to 60,000 additional burial sites in coming years.

Showtime at Farnborough: T-100, UCAVs, F-35

Lots to look at at Farnborough, from trainers to fighters, to unmanned combat aerial vehicles.

Obama: Troops Will Remain in Afghanistan

New realities lead to the president’s decision to leave a force in Afghanistan.