May 25, 2018

Dr Mark Whitten Lasik

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ReNEW Your Vision: LASIK, Cataract and Reading Vision Correction


Imagine vision like you used to have.  Or, imagine having the best vision of your life.  At Whitten Laser Eye, it’s all possible.  Dr. Mark Whitten offers LASIK, Cataract and Reading Vision Correction procedures.  He uses the latest advanced technologies, alone or in combination, to personalize an approach for you and your unique vision goals.  Now you can see clearly into the distance, read a book, send a text or look at a computer screen etc.… all without glasses or contacts. From 18 to 80+, we offer a lifetime of great vision correction choices to ReNEW Your Vision!

What is the most important thing in having LASIK, Cataract or Reading Vision Correction Surgery? 

It is having a highly skilled, experienced and board-certified surgeon. Look for a vision center such as Whitten Laser Eye that has a solid reputation of patient satisfaction. Chat with friends who are patients of the eye surgeons you have selected to consider. Search on-line for patient reviews.  Visit their websites to look for patient testimonials.  Make sure your surgeon will meet with you prior to the actual surgery.  Look at their Facebook pages.

World-class surgeon, Dr. Mark Whitten, is one of the leading surgeons in the nation.  Dr. Mark Whitten has practiced ophthalmology in the Washington, D.C. and Richmond, VA areas for more than 30 years, and has built a national reputation for excellence in eye care. By remaining at the forefront of technological advances, he is able to achieve the very best vision results for his patients through laser eye surgery procedures, including LASIK, Cataract and Reading Vision Correction procedures.  Dr. Whitten was one of the first surgeons in the country to perform the groundbreaking LASIK procedure.  He was also the first surgeon in the Washington D.C. and Richmond, VA areas to perform the exciting new procedures to correct reading vision, the Raindrop and the KAMRA corneal inlays.

Dr. Mark Whitten has worked with many professional athletes, including Tiger Woods, celebrities, and politicians. The greatest compliment that Dr. Mark Whitten receives is when his patients refer their families and friends to experience the same high quality and caring approach.


Dr. Mark Whitten is one of only three surgeons in the country to have performed more than 150,000 LASIK procedures, and is proud to give people the gift of sight every day. After 20+ years since LASIK was FDA approved in the US, the procedure is better and safer than ever!  Advances in technology and surgeon techniques allow patients to routinely see 20/20 or better with this procedure that takes less than 30 minutes.  Most people return to their normal activities the following day.

Patients who are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism can be good candidates for LASIK and it is FREE and easy to find out if you are.  If you have ever been told you are NOT a candidate for LASIK, you may be now.  Many advances in technology have made this possible.


Cataract Surgery is the most widely performed non-elective procedure in the US.  Cataracts form as we age.  If we live long enough, we will all develop cataracts.  Most patients resume their normal activities the day following their surgery with Dr. Whitten.  Traditional cataract surgery corrects for distance vision only.  The newest Premium cataract lenses can correct for distance, intermediate and reading vision.  These patients often say they now see better than in their whole lives!

 Reading Vision Correction:

Want to throw away those reading glasses?  Well, now it is finally possible.  Several different options are now available and Dr. Whitten will determine what is best for your unique vision needs.  The latest options include something called Corneal Inlays such as Raindrop and KAMRA.  These procedures take less that 15 minutes and patients can read better immediately.  Raindrop and KAMRA can be performed on patients who only need reading glasses as well as on patients who need distance and close-up vision correction.  It is often combined with LASIK, and can also be performed on someone who has previously had LASIK.

 Convenient, State-of-the-art Locations:

Visiting Dr. Mark Whitten is simple.  Whitten Laser Eye has three convenient locations in:

  • Charlotte Hall, Maryland
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Richmond, VA

FREE Consultations are always available for LASIK and Reading Vision Correction, and 0 percent financing is available.  Cataract evaluations and procedures are generally covered by insurance.

Dr. Mark Whitten is committed to retaining this technological edge in his field. Each office has all of the latest technology, often ahead of others in area. This means the best possible vision outcomes for you. Dr. Mark Whitten prides himself on staying current with LASIK, Cataract and Reading Vision Correction equipment and maintains the highest clinical standards of excellence.

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