June 12, 2024

FEMA Chief Can’t Delay Flood Insurance Changes

“This is a national issue. This movie is coming to a theater near you,” says Louisiana Senator trying to block rate hikes associated with the new law.

Health Insurance Exchange Contested by Six States

With less than 40% of the nation enrolling in exchanges, the Affordable Care Act is being taken to court by small business owners.

Workers’ Comp Lowers Premiums for Most Employers

.A reworking of a key piece of the workers’ compensation rating formula will change premiums for employers.

Your Business May Need E&O Insurance

medieval armor

E&O insurance is your armor against professional liability.

Walk Carefully in Ice and Snow

snow footprint

Falls account for more than one million injuries in the U.S. annually.

The Biggest Source of Severe Job Injuries: Traffic Accidents

traffic tail lights

Traffic accidents are a leading cause of high-severity workers’ compensation injuries, and they are pervasive.

Clean Out the Dryer, Avoid a Fire

dryer fire

New report finds that approximately 2,900 residential clothes dryer fires cause an estimated $35 million in yearly damage.

Cheapest Cars to Insure

Insurance Financial Advisor reports the 20 least expensive 2012 cars to insure.

Is Your Car Safe?


More than 800,000 cars and trucks were recalled last month.

Insure for the Worst

Some people have been surprised that their insurance policies are different for named storms.