June 8, 2023

More Weapons on the Way to Ukraine


More weapons – howitzers, artillery rounds, unmanned aerial systems – are on the way to Ukraine as part of the US’ latest arms package. And a retired three-star Army lieutenant general will help coordinate the security assistance the US and other partner nations are providing.

Hoyer on Jobs Report: Wages Not Growing Fast Enough

Jobs Report

The 2019 April jobs report, released May 3, shows a continuation of an economic trajectory that reaches back through 103 consecutive months of positive job growth. But these job figures don’t tell the whole story, as wages aren’t growing fast enough, says House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer.

Feb. 2017 Report Shows Gain in Jobs

Coronavirus Relief Bills

The latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a gain of private sector jobs in February 2017. This makes 84 consecutive months of job growth in the US. The unemployment rate at 4.7 percent was little changed over the past month.

Jobs Recovery Continuing

Hoyer Earns High Score From LCV

The Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report shows total payroll employment rose by 167,000 private sector jobs in September 2016. The unemployment rate remained at 4.9 percent.

Solid Job Gains Seen in March

Hoyer Earns High Score From LCV

For the 73rd consecutive month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows solid job gains, with 195,000 private sector positions created in March 2016.

Labor Report Shows Steady Job Growth

The employment news was good out of November, though still not good enough. Rep. Hoyer calls for ‘work across the aisle’ to continue ‘the gains we’ve seen in recent months.’