May 21, 2019

Lexington Park Retailers Not Feeling Downturn

Posted by Lexington Park Business and Community Association
Bay Leader

Local department stores reported no downturn of customers with the government shutdown and even a “slight uptick” at news that back pay would be forthcoming to workers shut out of their jobs.

penney'sThis report came from a survey of local department stores conducted by Robin Finnacom, acting director of economic development for St. Mary’s County. In addition to chain stores such as Belks, Penney’s, and Dick’s, Ms. Finnacom received the same report from locally owned Blairs.

This trend will only be helped by the holiday hiring anticipated by all of the retailers she spoke with, Ms. Finnacom told the Lexington Park Business and Community Association.

Accommodations, however, “are taking it on the chin,” she said, which was confirmed by a local hotel manager at the association’s meeting last week.

The accommodations industry locally reports cancellations which began prior to the summer’s furlough. A second quarter pick-up failed to hold and is now further compounded with a drop of $4 in the government’s overnight per diem rate, which fell from $102 a night to $98, the manager told the association.

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