December 6, 2023

St. Mary’s County Community Development Corp.

St. Mary’s County Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a nonprofit agency promoting public and private investment in St. Mary’s County communities. The Corporation seeks to develop community infrastructure projects designed to revitalize and boost investment in commercial and residential neighborhoods.

The corporation seeks to implement infrastructure improvements suggested in the 2016 Lexington Park Development District Master Plan of St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

St. Mary’s CDC is a partner in the Patuxent Cove development on Pegg Road just outside Gate 1 of the Naval Air Station Patuxent River on MD Route 235.

The CDC, with support from St. Mary’s County Arts Council and the Maryland Heritage Areas Consortium has produced three murals in Lexington Park.

Lexington Park Alive!

Designed by Lyn Wescoe. Produced under the artistic leadership of Roz Racanello, CDC Arts Director with help from St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s community art class taught by Carrie Patterson. Appears on Bank Square Building at 46940 S. Shangri La Drive, south of Great Mills Road.

Artist Rainbow

Designed and produced by North Beach, MD, artist Roz Racanello, the second mural in Lexington Park is a collage of artists and creative thinkers. Even Mona Lisa is included and can be seen peeking out from other the corner of Bank Square Building and just visible from eastbound Great Mills Road.

CDC Board of Directors Treasurer, Quincy Williams of Cedar Point Federal Credit Union poses with his wings.

To reach the artists take “Art Alley” off Great Mills Road and doff a pair of the wings along the first wall of “Wings Across Lexington Park,” a portrait-height installation of wings along the red brick wall flanking the sidewalk.

St. Mary’s County Community Development Board of Directors for fiscal year 2020 are:

The Board of the Corporation is composed of representatives of business, community, and service organizations.

FY 2020 Board of Directors

  •  Pat Mudd, Mudd Engineering; Chair
  • Helen Daugherty, St. Mary’s College of Maryland; Vice-Chair
  • Quincy Williams, Cedar Point Federal Credit Union; Secretary
  • Margaret Sawyer, Old Line Bank; Treasurer
  • Mark Dillow, Dean Lumber
  • Gerald Fair, Fair Enterprises
  • Carl Franzen, Franzen Realty
  • Ben Latigo, University System of Maryland Southern Maryland
  • Diana Little, Beacon Financial
  • Michelle Russell, KAIROS

Community Representatives

  • Sabrina Hecht, NAS Patuxent River
  • Harry “Lanny” Lancaster, Three Oaks Center
  • Dennis Nicholson, St. Mary’s County Housing Authority
  • Charles Wood, St. Mary’s County Dept. of Social Services

Emeritus Members

  • Wayne Davis
  • William Higgs
  • Karen Garner
  • Joan Gelrud
  • John K. Parlett
  • Phil Riehl


  • Viki Volk, President/CEO
  • Taylor Smith, Assoc. Director
  • Lynn Johnson, Bookkeeper
  • Roz Racanello, Art Director


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