July 14, 2024

Tobacco-Free Living Action Team to Meet

Health Department

The Healthy St. Mary’s Partnership’s Tobacco-Free Living Action Team will meet from 11 am-noon Tuesday, November 17, 2020.

The Tobacco-Free Living Action Team is dedicated to improving tobacco-related health outcomes in St. Mary’s County. Partners are now collaborating to implement strategies that support local tobacco-free living.

Minutes from the team’s October 2020 meeting are available.

Please follow these steps to access the HSMP virtual action team meeting:

Add the HSMP calendar to your personal calendar.

At the time of the meeting click “Join Hangouts Meet” in the calendar event. To join a video meeting, you need the Meet mobile app or a supported web browser. You do not need a G Suite account. Click here for more information on Google Hangouts. You can also call-in to the meeting using the phone number and PIN provided on the calendar event.

Other Upcoming Virtual Meetings​

Behavioral Health Action Team — 1-2 pm Thursday, November 19

The Behavioral Health Action Team is dedicated to improving behavioral health outcomes in St. Mary’s County, including those related to mental health and substance abuse prevention and control. Mental health and physical health are closely linked. Mental health status influences a person’s ability to maintain good physical health. Illnesses such as depression and anxiety may affect people’s ability to participate in health-promoting behaviors. Conversely, problems with physical health, such as chronic diseases, may impact mental health and decrease a person’s ability to participate in treatment and recovery. A variety of organizations and individuals are working together to collaboratively implement evidence-based strategies that will improve behavioral health for all county residents.

Access to Care Action Team — 1-2 pm Tuesday, November 24

The Access to Care Action Team is dedicated to improving access to care in St. Mary’s. A variety of organizations and individuals work together to implement evidence-based strategies that will improve access to care for local residents.

HEAL Action Team — 1-2 pm Wednesday, November 25

The Healthy Eating and Active Living Action Team brings together community organizations and residents to coordinate local action around healthy eating, active living, and weight management. HEAL partners are implementing strategies that promote healthy eating and active living. These strategies focus on promoting workplace wellness, healthy eating and exercise in school settings, creating a physical environment within a community that supports active living (“built environment”), and helping individuals make healthy eating and active living part of their lifestyles.

Meetings are open to all community members.

The Healthy St. Mary’s Partnership is a community-driven coalition of partners working together to improve health in St. Mary’s County.

The coalition mobilizes members through these four action teams to address the priority health issues in St. Mary’s.

Joining the Healthy St. Mary’s Partnership is free and all interested organizations and community members are welcome. Sign up for the free HSMP Newsletter for updates from the action teams and local health improvement news.

For more about Lexington Park, visit the St. Mary’s County Community Development Corporation’s Leader member page.

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