July 14, 2024

Eye Protection Key to Sports Success, Safety

You need special eye gear to compete safely in seasonal sports. Ophthalmologist Dr. Mark Whitten can help.

UV Light A Year-Round Vision Threat

UV light poses a year-round threat to vision, with winter offering no break from the risk. Learn how to protect yourself.

Why You Should Wear Sunglasses in the Winter

The winter sun can be more dangerous than you think! Prevent dry eyes, snow blindness, and UV damage this winter.

Nighttime Driving and your Eyes

Driving at night doesn’t have to leave your eyes struggling. Learn about the challenges of nighttime driving and how you can improve your vision.

Is Your Vision Leaving You Cloudy?

As we age our eyesight changes but your blurry vision could be the result of cataracts, which can be removed to leave you seeing more clearly than ever.

This Summer Don’t Forget Your Eyes Need Protection Too

The sun can be harsh on your eyes as well as your skin, protect your vision.