July 14, 2024

Cataracts, the Sun, and Your Eye Health

UV exposure can lead to cataracts, colorblindness and more. Dr. Mark Whitten can help correct damage done by years of exposure.

Living Healthy? Don’t Forget Your Vision!

Dr. Mark Whitten offers tips for maintaining your eye health, particularly during the summer months.

UV Light A Year-Round Vision Threat

UV light poses a year-round threat to vision, with winter offering no break from the risk. Learn how to protect yourself.

Is Your Vision Leaving You Cloudy?

As we age our eyesight changes but your blurry vision could be the result of cataracts, which can be removed to leave you seeing more clearly than ever.

‘I can see! Why Didn’t I Do This Sooner?’

smiliing eyes

For most people, cataract and LASIK surgery are life-changing experiences.

Cataract Surgery Is Sight for Sore Eyes

blue eye

Imagine crisp, clear vision, better than you ever had.