May 26, 2020

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Significant Changes to Tax Law Re: Tangible Property

Tax experts Burroughs, Moreland & Mudd can help your business through the new “repaired” regulations affecting tax impacts on tangible property.

All-Volunteer Force: ‘Consequential Shift’ in US History

Civilian drone workers looking to organize; India debates foreign defense investment cap; exec salaries ‘deconstructed’; IRS targets more than conservatives; vet employment up; Navy seeks RAD.

IRS Raises Deduction Caps for 2012 Taxpayers

tax filing

Taxpayers may see some relief on their filings this year as the IRS raises the limits on standard deductions and exemptions.

Tips for Those Who Can’t Pay Their Taxes on Time

tax filing

Beacon Financial Plus says don’t ignore your bill. File for an extension or set up a payment plan.