June 29, 2022

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PRMI Still Closing USDA Home Loans

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When the USDA announced a funding delay starting Oct. 1, 2014 for their popular rural mortgages, PRMI decided to bridge the gap for its clients.

Pax River Communities Still Qualify for USDA Home Loans

Primary Residential Mortgage can still get low-interest, guaranteed loans for qualified borrowers on homes in neighborhoods near the Pax River Naval Air Station, but the eligibility maps may soon shift.

PRMI Wins Chamber’s Emerging Business Award

Usually the California, Maryland mortgage banking team is being thanked for their community efforts, but here they are feted as St. Mary’s County Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 Emerging Business.

PRMI Welcomes Pete Colyn to St. Mary’s

After nearly two decades in the banking industry, PRMI’s big-bank resources from a “cozy” local office near Pax River drew Mr. Colyn across the Patuxent River to California, Maryland.

FHA Changes St. Mary’s Rate

FHA-insured loans began 2014 with new loan level limits for St. Mary’s County but still offer features attractive to many buyers.

Reverse Mortgages: ‘Life-Changing’

Robbie Loker, the reverse mortgage specialist at Primary Residential Mortgage, says there are ways homeowners 62 and older can take money from their homes as they need it.

Owning a Home: Still the American Dream

Job satisfaction is pretty direct for Mike Lorenzini of Primary Residential Mortgage: help someone buy his or her first house, help someone else achieve The American Dream.

United Way Welcome’s PRMI’s Own Chuck Dohrman

Chuck Dohrman appointed newest member of United Way of Calvert County’s Board.

Breast Cancer Patients Benefit from PRMI Effort

Primary Mortgage Insurance employees hope you will become a Red Devil advocate and help breast cancer patients.

Chuck Dohrman of PRMI Does It for the Families

When life changes rocked his world, Chuck Dohrman decided to leave his tech career and get into something he loves: helping families.