December 3, 2016

CNO Honors Environmental Work of Pax River Teams

green hornet in flight

Green Hornet Team and Maritime Patrol office get nod from top naval officer.

Orions Get New Computers

Navy P-3 Orions will be equipped with updated modernized computer technology as part of a technology hardware and software integration lead by Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft (PMA-290) program office. The C4 for ASW program reached IOC on Sept. 27. (Official U.S. Navy photo.)

PMA-290 brings new computers to venerable P-3 sub hunters.

Torpedo away!

p-8a poseidon torpedo

P-8A Poseidon successfully launches test torpedo.

Poseidon Heads Out to Sea

p-8a poseidon flutter test

Conducts maneuvers with the USS Laboon.

Morton Made GTMR President

Jim Morton President 001

Morton was made president in July after three years with the company.

Poseiden All Aflutter

p-8a poseidon flutter test

The P-8A test team completed the clean flutter program in June and has begun loads testing.

Poseidon Test Lab Online

P-8A Integrated Test Team members occupy the aircraft stations inside the PaxSIL in preparation for a test flight. (Official Navy Photo)

PaxSIL is operating at full capacity.

Proper P-8 lands at Pax

The Navy's first P-8A Poseidon production representative operational test aircraft takes off from Boeing's facility in Seattle, Wash., June 24. It will join three other developmental test aircraft, which are already at NAS Patuxent River. (Photo courtesy of The Boeing Company)

The Navy received its first production Poseidon test aircraft.