February 29, 2024

Orchestra Will Zoom With Violinist Kevin Zhu


The Chesapeake Orchestra and the Maryland Youth Symphony Orchestra will present a special Zoom event at 1 pm Saturday, Dec. 12, 2020, with violinist Kevin Zhu.

TPP Speakers: Pax Investment Today & Tomorrow

Speakers describe a decade of growth, project more growth, and call for diversification and more art.

TPP Annual Meeting, Music to Members’ Ears?

Jeffrey Silberschlag joins Rebecca Bridget and Brad Gottfried to address the Patuxent Partnership membership Oct. 30.

River Concert’s 15th Anniversary Season Continues

The River Concert Series at St. Mary’s College of Md. celebrates Independence Day July 5th with music of the sea, “1812 Overture,” plus Sousa and fireworks and soprano soloist Jennifer Page.

Culture Used to Only Mean Oysters

River Concert at night

Chesapeake Orchestra continues fundraising to assure the musicians make it to the upcoming River Concert season.

River Concert Series to Begin June 21

River Concert at night

St. Mary’s College and the Chesapeake Orchestra sign an agreement to ensure the permanence of the event.

Put Your Money Where Your Music Is

River Concert at night

The Chesapeake Orchestra needs $200,000 to keep the River Concert Series alive.