May 30, 2023

13% Decrease in FY’22 Defense Contracting

fy17 budget cuts

Federal contract spending declined by 7% in fiscal 2022, driven largely by a 13% decrease in defense spending, which offset the 5% increase in contract spending among civilian agencies.

F-35As Join Deployment to Central Europe


The Pentagon is sending Air Force F-35A Joint Strike Fighters, as well as Army AH-64 Apache attack helicopters and ground forces, to various locations along NATO’s eastern flank, in the US’ beefed-up deployment response to Russia’s growing military intrusions into Ukraine.

Capitol Needs Permanent Guard Team


The security review led by retired Army LT GEN Russel L. HonorĂ© has called for numerous new security measures to be instituted to provide “quick action” for future security emergencies such as the deadly Jan. 6 attack on Congress.

Coronavirus Putting Cybersecurity to the Test


The US is increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks during the coronavirus pandemic.

GAO vs DoD on F-35 Parts Purchases


DoD needs to procure big quantities of F-35 parts to drive down aircraft costs. The GAO does not see the expenditure today worth the future value.

Lasers Shoot Down a UAV at ‘Black Dart’

laser trap

Lasers features increasingly prominently in military researching seeking radically advanced weapons.

Search Continued Overnight for Black Hawk Crew

Eleven crew members are presumed dead in a UH-60 Black Hawk crash in dense fog while on a training mission out of Elgin Air Force base.