December 5, 2023

System Provides Visibility in the Dark

Visibility in the Dark

The Patuxent Partnership member CTSi and partner Blue Wolf have completed Department of Defense environmental testing of their newly created covert lighting system to be used in land, airborne, and maritime missions. Known as the Expeditionary Lighting Kit or ELK, the system was designed to provide a tactical lighting mission kit compatible with NVIS systems that can be installed on an “as needed” basis, offering Visibility in the Dark.

The ELK provides critical supplemental lighting that meets the needs of warfighters on the frontlines and ensure the success of missions.

“There are far too many critical mission operations that cannot be performed in contested battlefield environments due to the limitations of visibility currently available in the cargo compartment and ramp area of military aircraft,” said Tom Sanders, managing director of CTSi. “The lighting solution we’ve created through a strategic partnership with Blue Wolf provides warfighters with independently controlled tri-mode lighting for sensitive missions.”

A news release submitted by Brian Kelley says that current static lighting systems are designed to a specific airframe, but ELK is a portable, universal, lightweight system that allows easy implementation with no upgrade to airframes. The platform boasts a modular design, which allows it to be scaled to fit any airframe envelope and can be modified for use in cargo and ramp areas of maritime vessels or ground vehicles. “The covertness of this lighting system, along with its universal, zero impact of installation capabilities makes ELK an essential part of any mission requiring close operation to enemy forces,” said Ty Plowman, president of Blue Wolf. “With the successful DoD environmental testing, we are confident this ruggedized military lighting system will be a welcome addition across multiple platforms and uses for our servicemen and women on the front lines in any given situation.”

ELK provides up to four zones of independently controlled lighting that ensures military operations remain concealed from any enemy line of sight during transport.

To learn more about the Expeditionary Covert Lighting System, send an email to [email protected].

About CTSi and Blue Wolf

CTSi is a small business that specializes in integrated solutions to challenging technical problems. With 2017 sales of more than $30 million and a solid SBIR track record, CTSi is positioned for rapid growth that meets emerging demand within the US Department of Defense for new technologies.

Blue Wolf specializes in the design and manufacturing of Night Vision Compatible LED lighting solutions and products that support military, border patrol, and law-enforcement agencies around the world. The company builds the highest quality, ruggedized NVIS and IR lights for OEM line-fit plus fleet retrofit and upgrades to the latest NVG/NVIS standards or general lighting needs. The company designs night vision goggle friendly lighting across most aircraft, watercraft, and ground vehicles platforms.

About The Patuxent Partnership

TPP fosters collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and expertise across a diverse network that includes government, industry, and academia. TPP also supports STEM education and workforce development within the local community including hosting programs of interest to NAVAIR, NAWCAD, and the broader DoD community.

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