December 10, 2023

SMECO Annual Meeting Coming Up


Every year, Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative holds its members’ meeting to elect directors and vote on any bylaw changes. This year, the SMECO Annual Meeting is set for Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019.

Ballots for the election of directors and meeting notices were mailed out July 22.

Biographies of the candidates for director positions are listed on the SMECO website, as well as the proposed bylaw amendment. Anyone who would rather vote online than with a paper ballot can do so on the site, using the login credentials included in the mailed ballot. Customer members who prefer the mail-in ballot can return it using the postage-paid envelope provided. Online and mail-in ballots must be received by Aug. 22.

Voting results will be announced at the annual meeting.

Three prize winners will be selected at random each weekday until Aug. 16. The lucky winners will receive a credit of $50 to their electric bills. Submitting your ballot early gives you more chances to win. The list of winners is online.

SMECO’s annual meeting is a business meeting. Ballots that are cast by mail or submitted online will be included to make a quorum of 500. Only 50 members are required to attend the meeting in person to make a quorum.

The meeting will be held at Middleton Hall at 4045 Renner Road in Waldorf, starting at 6 pm. Any member with questions or comments is encouraged to contact SMECO at any time. Just send a message or call 1-888-440-3311.

An electric cooperative is shaped by the communities it serves:
SMECO has 15 directors, and each year, five directors are elected to three-year terms. SMECO’s Board of Directors meets every month to oversee the operations of the cooperative.

Directors attend training sessions provided by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, which serves close to 900 electric cooperatives nationwide. Through NRECA, electric cooperatives across the country have built a strong network of like-minded organizations that put their members first.

To learn more about SMECO, please visit its Leader member page

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