May 19, 2024

PRMI Builds Teamwork at Dragon Boat Races

Dragon Boat Races

A hot, sunny Saturday morning on Solomons Island was filled with the sounds of drum beats and laughter as a rowing team for Primary Residential Mortgage Inc. competed in the Dragon Boat Races and raised money for the Southern Maryland Community Resources (SMCR).

Eighteen teams took to the river Aug. 27, 2016, to compete for the best time. And the teams also brought hundreds of people to the island in Southern Maryland,  there to support their loved ones, to volunteer on race day, and to help Southern Maryland Community Resources accomplish its mission.

SMCR, the recipient of the day’s fund raising, is an organization that promotes social, recreational, and educational opportunities in Southern Maryland, so people with developmental differences can contribute their unique gifts and expand their potential.

Among its many purposes, SMCR provides resources and programs for people older than 21, who have special needs and have aged out of the school system.

The Dragon Boat teams were comprised businesses from all over Southern Maryland. The races gave them the opportunity to bring their team members together outside of work to have fun and build camaraderie. Dragon Boat Races

Some teams wore elaborate costumes or decorated their tents in creative ways, earning awards at the end of race day for their efforts. While the boat races themselves were competitive, the real point of the race was to have a great time and work together.

Dragon Boat racing is the ultimate team sport – requiring the rowers to achieve perfectly synchronized strokes. The size and strength of each team member is almost irrelevant; the real strength comes from each rower being in perfect time to the rower in front of and behind him or her, and being in sync with the drummer, who sits at the head of the boat. This is a kind of physical synchronization that is almost never necessary in the working world, but it symbolizes the way to achieve success when it comes to building a team in the workplace.

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