September 21, 2023

Hoyer Tours New Emergency Shelter


LifeStyles of Maryland has opened a new emergency shelter in White Plains. Rep. Steny H. Hoyer visited the shelter, the first of its kind in the region which offers around-the-clock support services to families in need.

The congressman has been a strong advocate in Congress for initiatives to combat homelessness in Southern Maryland. Earlier this year, Rep. Hoyer secured $160,000 in the Fiscal Year ’22 Omnibus for LifeStyles to provide wrap-around services for residents at the Southern Crossing transitional housing project in Charles County.

“I was glad to visit Lifestyles’ newly opened emergency shelter in White Plains and get the chance to see their facilities and hear about their work to help and protect the most vulnerable in Southern Maryland. This facility is a haven for families in need, and with its 24-7 support services, it represents the first of its kind in the region. This facility did not appear overnight. Thanks to the hard work of so many committed staff members, the Lifestyles’ emergency shelter will now be a source of hope and security in Maryland’s Fifth District for those working to get back on their feet,” said Rep. Hoyer (D-MD). “I thank Lifestyles for welcoming me today, as they have welcomed so many families over the years. I am glad that this shelter will soon be able to house up to fifty families for up to three months. I look forward to supporting their efforts in the future and working alongside their talented staff to ensure more families in Southern Maryland can get the help they need.”

LifeStyles is a nonprofit organization that has served the homeless, working poor, elderly, and disabled populations in Southern Maryland for 26 years. Their offices are located in all three Southern Maryland counties. Lifestyles’ services include temporary shelter, food, clothing, utility assistance, transportation, employment assistance, counseling, prescription assistance, and more for those in need.

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