April 18, 2024

Hoyer Briefed on Work at NSF Indian Head

Congressman Steny H. Hoyer met with national security and military leaders from Charles County to discuss how Congress can continue to support Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Division and its national security mission.

Congressman Hoyer participated in the Charles County Military Alliance Council’s luncheon last month where he discussed his work supporting Indian Head and enhancing national security. Additionally, Mr. Hoyer toured and received a briefing from leadership at NSF Indian Head on how federal investments continue to bolster the research and development of energetics at NWSC IHD, the Department of Defense’s largest full-spectrum energetics facility.

“Southern Maryland has always played a leading role in the development and advancement of national security and defense technologies,” Rep. Hoyer (D-MD) said. “I’m immensely proud to represent Indian Head, the businesses, and the highly skilled workforce that help ensure America remains the preeminent global military power. As sovereign nations around the world confront combat threats – particularly in Russia’s illegal war on Ukraine – it is important that the federal government pursue policies that encourage innovation in critical sectors like energetics. I’ll continue advocating for the men and women of Southern Maryland who are advancing defense technologies and keeping our country safe.”

“The MAC was delighted to have Congressman Hoyer join us for a working lunch during his visit to Indian Head,” said Pam Frank, executive director of the Charles County Military Alliance Council. “The congressman has been a longtime guardian of our installation. His appreciation for its mission and grasp of its role in national security has been steadfast and will be beneficial in fortifying the necessary resources to advance NSWC’s role, not only as the Navy’s only arsenal but as the key player in keeping our country safe.”

“We’re living in an intense geopolitical time. It’s encouraging that our country’s leadership recognizes the vital role the Navy’s arsenal in Indian Head plays in securing our defense,” said Ashley Johnson, the warfare center’s technical director. “In everything from our R&D to our energetics manufacturing plants, we’re gearing up to give the country every possible advantage.”

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