February 28, 2020

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Historical Society Surveys its Future

historical society

“Though our work concerns the past,” reads the request from the St. Mary’s County Historical Society, “our vision is toward the future.”

The St. Mary’s County Historical Society is asking the public to complete a 5-minute survey to help the organization rebrand itself  and successfully carry forth into the future its historic research, preservation, and teaching missions.

For almost 70 years, St. Mary’s County Historical Society has burst with efforts that uncover, preserve, interpret, and share the rich heritage of St. Mary’s County, MD. The is the Mother County of Maryland and valuable source material is archived here that underpins the history of the entire state and region.

Memberships to the Historical Society begin as low as $50 a year and provide members with access to a trove of documents and research. In addition, its members receive the historical quarterly journal, “The Chronicles of St. Mary’s,” and gain online accessibility to almost 75 years of these chronicles. The society additionally maintains genealogical records and photo archives.

The Historical Society, since its inception, has provided members, friends, and scholars with tools and information to appreciate the legacy of St. Mary’s County’s people, places, and events. And to help that legacy continue to live into these future times.

To retain a contemporary and future interest in our history, The St. Mary’s County Historical Society Board of Directors is conducting an online survey to help determine how the organization can best serve the county and community. This short 5-minute survey will provide important answers to guide future programs and partnerships.

The board members understand your time is valuable and deeply appreciate your time. Please click here for the short 5-minute survey.

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