January 26, 2021

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Cybersecurity Experts to Gather at CyberMaryland


CyberMaryland 2019 will be held in Baltimore on December 5 and 6. The Patuxent Partnership is helping to publicize the event.

CyberMaryland, the epicenter of information security and innovation, will offer this informative two-day conference where Maryland’s leading IT firms, top universities, and tech-savvy workers join forces with the federal government and the US military to network and experience unparalleled information sharing. The conference will include more than 1,000 thought leaders from Maryland’s cybersecurity sector and will also feature nationally recognized speakers and panelists on cyber and technology innovations.

Among the events on the conference’s first day will be a panel discussion, America’s Cyber Generation.

In 1960s, the Space Race inspired the country’s journey to the moon. It spawned new technologies and launched a new emphasis on STEM. Now, cybersecurity has become the new space race creating millions of dollars in venture capital for new companies and creating thousands of cybersecurity jobs. How is the current workforce trained to address the current cybersecurity threats and how is the next generation educated so they can fill the even greater number of cybersecurity jobs that will be available in the future?

Some of the US’ top cybersecurity leaders will discuss the skills needed for the workforce of tomorrow and how they can be equipped with those skills. The panel will include:

Todd Carter — CISO, Baltimore City

Ron Layton — Vice President, Converged Security Operations, Sallie Mae

Retired Maj. Gen. John A. Davis (invited) — VP, Federal Chief Security Officer, Palo Alto Networks

Edward Goetz — Senior Executive Security Advisor for Cyber and Physical, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation

Jill Vito — Vice President, STEM Markets, LifeJourney

Other conference topics will include “Connecting and Protecting Warfighters,” “Maryland: Registered Apprenticeships and Cyber Security,” and “By the Numbers: How to Quantify Cyber Risks and Take Strategic Actions.”

The conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor at 300 Light St.

Those interested in signing up may do so here.

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