May 21, 2019

CSM Institutes Tuition Relief Plan During Govt. Shutdown

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The College of Southern Maryland is providing support for its returning students whose family or themselves are being financially impacted by the current federal government shutdown.

Any student who is affected by the federal government shutdown should contact the college immediately to identify available financial assistance. A dedicated hotline has been established to support these students and is available at 301-934-7762. Email for more information.

Four information sessions have been scheduled for students to learn more about available assistance. The sessions are scheduled from 1 to 3 pm Tuesday, Jan. 8, at the La Plata Campus, Administration Building, Room AD-201; Leonardtown Campus, C Building, Room C-216; and Prince Frederick Campus, John E. Harms Academic Center, Room A-119; and from 5 to 6 pm Tuesday, Jan. 8, at the Regional Hughesville Campus, Center for Trades and Energy, Room CT-105.

“We are very concerned for our students who through no fault of their own are being adversely affected because of this government shutdown,” said CSM President Dr. Maureen Murphy. “To support these eligible students we have initiated tuition relief opportunities in order to assure them that they can continue their studies at the College of Southern Maryland as classes begin for spring semester this month.”

The college has established two assistance opportunities to meet the needs of these students, both credit and non-credit. The first is a tuition payment plan with no money down or enrollment fee required and tuition payments coinciding with the reinstatement of the federal government budget and when workers return to their jobs.

The second is an emergency assistance program that will provide a one-time grant for students who have been permanently affected by layoffs or do not anticipate reimbursement of back pay from the government shutdown. Funding for these grants will be made possible through the efforts of the CSM Foundation.

“Our greatest concern is that students who are adversely impacted by this shutdown contact us as quickly as possible and especially before January 9 when the spring 2019 payment is due so that these students are protected from being dropped from their classes,” said CSM Vice President of Student Equity and Success Dr. Tracy Harris.

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