December 4, 2023

Community Garden Projects Recruiting Volunteers

Community Garden

Healthy St. Mary’s Partnership is looking for volunteers for its new Community Gardens Planning Committee.

HSMP is planning to develop community gardens throughout St. Mary’s County, and this committee will work to develop a blueprint for future projects. It will be combining this team with the Lexington Manor Passive Park Advisory Council.

Meetings will take place virtually on the first Friday of each month from 9:30 to 11 am.

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Community gardens encourage participants to share in the maintenance and products of a garden in a public open space, including fresh fruits and vegetables.

Community gardens offer many physical, environmental & mental health benefits, including:

  • Access to healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables at a low cost.
  • Opportunities for physical activity and skill building.
  • Creating green space and beautifying vacant lots.
  • Reviving and beautifying public parks.
  • Opportunities for skill-building and developing a rewarding hobby.
  • Decreasing violence in some neighborhoods.
  • Improving social well-being through strengthening social connections.
  • Opportunities for stress reduction and mindfulness.
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