April 22, 2024

BRAC Faces Hill Opposition

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Photo by Matti Mattila

U.S. News sees a new round of BRAC as a tough sell on Capitol Hill.

The Wall Street Journal checks out the new floating drone base. The vessel will be a converted USS Ponce, Defense Tech reports.

Marines ground UH-1Y Venom helicopters (subscription required) after discovering defect, Janes Defence Weekly reports.

Marine aviator questions the need for a new jump jet. The Enterprise says Panetta’s reinstatement of the F-35B program shows confidence in Pax River.

Air Force says the Global Hawk is not as capable as the Cold War Era U-2 spy plane, according to Bloomberg.

Aviation Week sees the Pentagon making sacrifices to keep an 11-carrier fleet.

Time takes a look at how this round of defense cuts stacks against the historical median. Liberal House Democrats call for Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s planned cuts to be doubled, The Hill reports.

Financial Times reports that Lockheed is feeling the pressure (subscription required) from Pentagon cuts. The Star-Telegram sees Lockheed executives swap chairs.

Panetta clams that Iran could have the Bomb in two to three years.

St. Mary’s County resident Kimberly Hocter named as finalist for Navy Spouse of the Year, according to the Enterprise.

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