March 20, 2023

Where In The World Entirely Stumps Readers

Posted by JefClarkArt
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WW - 13-08-30The last edition of: Where in the World?, August 16, marked a new chapter in the Where in the World Is That? photo contest. Not one of 37 official entrants got it right!

We stumped the entire readership and did so without relying on tricks or gimmicks.  (Jeff is being modest. He did it single-handedly. Editor.)

The last Where in the World? contest’s scene  is truly in plain sight on an ongoing basis and is not hard to find.  In fact, the photo which last ran is a view of Breton Bay taken from the lawn of Tudor Hall in Leonardtown. Most readers pegged it as a view of the St. Mary’s River.

(Note: If you haven’t partaken the charms of the county seat, Leonardtown, Maryland, there are many additional pleasant surprises in store when you do!)

A number of readers including past winners of the contest posted intelligent guesses but failed to correctly ID the obvious in front on them.  This confirms what has been clear for several months: the obscure postings are as likely as the obvious ones to elicit good guessesand the other way around.

By going to JefClarkArt’s website, and clicking on the Flickr Photostream option (then click on “Sets” and select the “Where in the World” set) you can find the photo that stumped ’em last edition. And lots more.

There is one hint offered for the photo posting today: Think further afield than usual.  Sit back with your cup of coffee and look closely and see if you can pinpoint where the scene on display might be found.  Think big.

Here is how the photo contest works.  All shots are of objects or scenes that can be found in plain view and that are open to one and all, yet perhaps not immediately identifiable except to those with keen powers of observation.  The photographs might have been taken from an unusual angle or bathed in a strange light or cropped to make their identity not immediately apparent. 
The subjects presented in the photographs are largely found in St. Mary’s County or surrounding Southern Maryland, but might on occasion be located in Washington or Baltimore or… somewhere else.  We would like to say there will be no tricks played on readers, but would you believe us?
At the end of this article there is a form for you to easily submit your guess—and you all should take a stab at being a winner as the contest is not just about fame and glory, but prizes!  Yes, the first reader to submit the right guess as to the identity and whereabouts of the scene displayed in the photograph will receive a modest gift from the archives of JefClarkArt. 
(Note: submitting a guess lands you on no mailing list!)
JefClarkArt was launched in early 2012 by Jeffrey Clark who operates a customized photography business from his studio on St. George Island.  By going to his website, and clicking on the Flickr Photostream option, readers can view and perhaps purchase an intriguing array of photographs taken across Southern Maryland, Nova Scotia, South Africa, Baltimore, Washington, Antietam Battlefield and lots of other places. And you can find the photo that stumped ’em last edition.


7 Responses to “Where In The World Entirely Stumps Readers”
  1. Chris N says:

    A monument on the Mall in Washington, DC

  2. Tom Goodwin says:

    Definitely on the mall in DC but which monument. I think it is the FDR memorial. I want my prize now!

  3. Sara says:

    World Trade Center Memorial.

  4. Julie O says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s Nancy’s soft crab tanks on SGI, right?

  5. Ann Hoover says:

    I’ll guess Dubai, since no one has ventured that far . . .

  6. Renny says:

    How about Las Vegas?

  7. DS says:

    A runway?

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