May 19, 2022

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St. Mary’s Voting Districts Have Changed

Do you know who your Delegate is? Two of St. Mary’s County Legislative Districts have significantly changed shape. Incumbent Delegate Brian Crosby will no longer represent the Piney Point peninsula. Legislative District 29C still covers Leonardtown but has added from Callaway south to St. George Island for the 2022 elections: Primary July 19; General Election Nov. 8, 2022.

Calling All Primary Candidates

LexLeader is inviting all candidates facing a primary challenge to submit a post about why they are the best choice for the office they seek. We included the two state Delegate races with primaries and the primary candidates in the 11 local office races.

Register to Vote: Republican

The Republican Primary on July 19, 2022, will elect nine of the 13 St. Mary’s County officeholders. Actually only 11 local offices are up for grabs, two incumbent Republicans have no challengers. This leaves four elected county offices offering voters a choice of two candidates in November. Plus voters in the south and middle of the county will also have a choice in November for Delegate. The incumbent in the north faces no challenger nor does the St. Mary’s state senator.