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Ostrow Seeks Commissioner Dist. 4

The most basic question that can be asked of a candidate is – Why should I vote for you? For the most thorough answer, I ask you visit my campaign website– ScottOstrowForCommissioner.com.

The succinct answer is I am seriously concerned that the 4th District – primarily Lexington Park – has essentially become a “containment area” to geographically isolate the worse of the county’s social problems, e.g., low income, poverty, the homeless, gang-related crime, domestic violence. It has become an area to be avoided.

In my opinion, the economic deterioration of Lexington Park was caused by the expansion of its development district along Route 235 to include California, which was facilitated by the installation of water and sewer. This incentivized new development and the migration of existing businesses away from Lexington Park. What has occurred to Lexington Park was inflicted by land use and management (zoning) decisions. However, knowing what to blame is not knowing how to intervene and remediate the situation.

The issue becomes, how do we motivate the redevelopment of Lexington Park? I suggest we take actions to make new development more difficult and redevelopment less. One means may be by amending the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance to include all nine types of essential public facilities and strengthening the level-of-service standards for each. Further, it will require a collaboration of the county government and the private sector to improve the quality-of-life in Lexington Park through various means of affirmative action.

In conclusion, I ask you to vote for me because I am open-minded, goals-oriented, and an advocate to bring positive changes to the county-as-a-whole but with Lexington Park as my priority.

Scott Ostrow is a Republican candidate for St. Mary’s County Commissioner from the 4th District.

The four commissioner seats have a district residency requirement. The Commission President does not have a district requirement. All St. Mary’s County voters in all Commissioner Districts vote for all five commissioner seats.

In the Maryland July 19, 2022, Primary there are races for all five commissioner seats only in the Republican primary. There is no Democrat running in the 3rd Commissioner District. Only four commissioner seats will be contested in the General Election.

St. Mary’s Primary Races July 19, 2022, has a listing of all St. Mary’s County candidates facing primary challenges.

If you wish to vote in the Maryland Primary on July 19, 2022, you must register by June 28, 2022, as a Democrat or a Republican. You can only vote in the primary of the party where you registered. All voters in all political parties and those unaffiliated with a party can all vote in the General Election, Nov. 8, 2022. No matter how you have registered, you can vote for a candidate of any political party in the General Election.

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