July 18, 2024

Cause Theatre Brings ‘Lockdown’ to CSM Stage

Cause Theatre Brings 'Lockdown' to Stage

“Lockdown,” a short drama by Douglas Craven, will be performed at the College of Southern Maryland’s Fine Arts Center on the La Plata Campus at 8730 Mitchell Road. The Cause Theatre performances will be offered Feb. 1-3, 2018.

CSM Play Focuses on ‘Iraqi Psyche’

Play CSM Cause Theatre 9 Parts of Desire

The College of Southern Maryland Cause Theatre will present “9 Parts of Desire.” The play examines the Iraqi mindset through the eyes of nine Iraqi women. It will be performed three times from March 16-18 at the La Plata Campus.

Cast Announced for CSM’s ‘Pinocchio’


Cast members have been announced for the College of Southern Maryland’s Main Stage Theatre production of “Pinocchio,” the classic tale of a wooden puppet who only wanted to be a real boy. The production is adapted from the original novel by Carlo Collodi.