March 31, 2023

Are Carriers Too Costly? F-35s Too Vulnerable?

HASC Chair Adam Smith acknowledges carriers are necessary as “a presence” but says smaller, unmanned platforms look to figure more prominently in the US military’s future strategies.

F-35s: Too Expensive to Fly?

Major Milestone

The House Armed Services Committee chair continued his criticism of contractors over the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and its exorbitant lifecycle costs, “as high as $38,000 an hour,” says Adam Smith.

No Unity on Afghan Withdrawal

Biden’s plan for a withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan withdrawal by Sept. 11 meets fierce GOP congressional opposition but support from former SecState Colin Powell.

STEM Education Deficit Threatens US


The Pentagon’s highly respected annual report on the US defense and manufacturing industrial base targets a STEM education deficit threatening to weaken the nation’s competitive advantage in everything cutting edge.