June 4, 2020

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St. Mary’s Transit Surveying Riders, Employers

The St. Mary’s Transit System, the public transportation program in St. Mary’s County, is creating a five-year plan update, called the 2019 St. Mary’s County Transit Development Plan (TDP). The TDP will be presented to St. Mary’s County commissioners this autumn.

The biggest tasks for the planning study include: an analysis of transit need based on demographics, land use, and stakeholder input; an analysis of what is currently available in the county; the development of options to consider for inclusion in the plan; and the draft and final versions of the TDP. The previous TDP was finished in 2013. The plan is required by the Maryland Transit Administration.

As part of the transit needs analysis, a survey has been established to get the opinions of St. Mary’s County residents. Stakeholder outreach is also going to include surveys of current transit riders and major employers.

Residents can take the English version of the public survey or the Spanish version.

This survey is being conducted until May 22. Results will help inform the study team about the service options that should be considered for inclusion in the five-year TDP update.

For more information about the survey, contact Mary Ann Blankenship, transportation supervisor at the St. Mary’s Transit System, maryannblankenship@stmarysmd.com or 301-475-4200, ext. *1123.

Paper versions of the survey are available at the following locations:

  • Charlotte Hall Library, 37600 New Market Road, Charlotte Hall, MD
  • Leonardtown Library, 23250 Hollywood Road, Leonardtown, MD
  • Lexington Park Library, 21677 FDR Blvd., Lexington Park, MD
  • St. Mary’s County Department of Social Services, 23110 Leonard Hall Drive, Leonardtown, MD
  • College of Southern Maryland, 22950 Hollywood Road (Building A), Leonardtown, MD
  • St. Mary’s County Health Department, 21580 Peabody St., Leonardtown, MD

To learn more about Lexington Park, visit the St. Mary’s County Community Development Corporation’s Leader member page.

St. Mary’s County Community Development Corporation

46940 South Shangri-La Drive, Suite 7

Lexington Park, MD 20653


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