October 4, 2023

Scholarship App Goes Digital

BECA’s St. Mary’s County Common Scholarship Application allows students to apply for many different scholarships with just one application package. Most ofthe scholarship providers listed on the Common Application have agreed this year to accept the Common Application Package with no additional requirments beyond the basics.

This means that students send just one application, one essay, one copy of the transcript and SAT/ACT scores, and two letters of recommendation and BECA will copy all material and distribute it to the providers chosen by each student.

Download the Common Application for 2012 using the link below. The application is a Microsoft Excel 1997-2003 file. When you open the file you will see three tabs at the bottom of the screen. Tab 1 is information and instructions, Tab 2 is the list of Scholarships and Tab 3 is the Common Application.

You must complete both Tab 2 and Tab 3 on your computer. Save the file with a new name as explained in the directions. Print each of the two worksheeets and mail the results to BECA and Email the file to BECA, along with all required supporting documents. All information must be mailed and emailed by 5:00 pm March 15, 2012.

This is the first year that the application is in Excel. It has been carefully tested, but please, if you find any problems, write to BECA at [email protected] and explain the problem you found. Use the subject PROBLEM. For further information, please visit our FAQ.

FAQ Common Scholarship Application

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