October 4, 2023

Play Auditions Announced

The Newtowne Players announce open auditions for the upcoming production of The Caucasian Chalk Circle, by Bertolt Brecht. There are 15 parts for men and women, ranging in age from teens to 80s. People interested in helping with the technical and support crew are also welcome. The show runs March 16 to April 1, 2012.

Written in 1944, this play is about a kitchen maid, Grusha, who has the seemingly unfortunate destiny of caring for an abandoned baby of royal blood (eventually becoming a better mother than its natural parents), and about a village recorder, named Azdak, who plays an essential part in deciding Grusha’s fate.

Auditions will be held Nov. 14 and 16 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Three Notch Theatre on 21744 South Coral Drive in Lexington Park. Actors need only attend one date. Auditions will be cold monologues from the script. Those auditioning for roles requiring musical talent should bring their instruments and be prepared to sing. Callbacks will be held Nov. 19 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Available roles include:

  • Girl Tractorist/Grusha (prefer singer: mezzo-soprano). Age range: 16 – 35. Female.
  • Singer/Adjutant. Age range: 18 – 50. Male (singer/songwriter/guitarist necessary). Auditions for this role will include the writing and performance of a melody for a song from the piece; please come prepared.
  • Aleko/Fat Prince/Ensemble (old man, very old woman, old woman). Age range: 25 – 80. Male.
  • Wounded Soldier/Simon. Age range: 16 – 35. Male.
  • Mikinae Abakidze/Governor’s Wife. Age range: 18 – 45. Female.
  • Young Peasant/Shauwa/Monk/Ensemble (adjutant, servant, ironshirt, biggest boy). Age range: 11 – 18. Male.
  • Very Young Worker/Michael/Ensemble (beggar). Age range: 5 – 8. Male or female.
  • Surab/Azdak/Ensemble (petitioner, servant, architect, ironshirt, male peasant). Age range: 20 – 70. Male.
  • Peasant Woman on the Left/Swing (2nd lawyer, petitioner, young woman, fat peasant woman, old woman, blackmailer, rich farmer). Age range: 16 – 35. Female.
  • Kato/Governor/Corporal/Ensemble (fat boy, nephew, innkeeper). Age range: 16 – 40. Male.
  • Delegate/Lavrenti/Ensemble (ironshirt, soldier, old man, stableman). Age range: 20 – 45. Male.
  • Musician 1/Swing (1st doctor, rider, groom, merchant, peasant, drunken peasant, musician, ironshirt, 1st lawyer). Age range: 35 – 80 (must play a portable instrument). Male.
  • Musician 2/Cook/Swing (2nd doctor, merchant, servant, very sick man, musician, ironshirt, rich farmer, limping man). Age range: 16 – 40 (must play a portable instrument). Male.
  • Musician 3/Mother-in-Law/Swing (beggar, architect, Maro, merchant, wife’s doctor, rich farmer, very old man). Age range: 35 – 80 (must play a portable instrument). Female.
  • Musician 4/Aniko/Ludovica/Swing (petitioner, soldier 2, Nina, woman in house, girl, invalid, Shalva, Rider). Age range: 16 – 40 (must play a portable instrument). Female.

This piece will require all actors, aside from the actor playing Michael, to be on stage for the entire play.
For more details about the auditions, contact Director Missy Bell at 301-866-1767.


For more information about volunteer opportunities or other upcoming programs, please visit www.newtowneplayers.org.

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