May 17, 2022

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Greenwell Foundation Offers Four Summer Camps


Greenwell Foundation has a message for kids. If you like the outdoors, you will love our summer camps!

Foundation officials say they are beyond excited to offer four camps this summer. Throughout the week, campers get the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, play games, make friends, visit animals, tie-dye, make s’mores, and more.

The foundation operates in Greenwell State Park on the Patuxent River. The park is at 25450 Rosedale Manor Lane in Hollywood.

Check the links below for dates and times.

Camper vs. Wild!

Do you have or know a child who loves to be adventurous and practice survival skills? If you answered yes, Camper vs. Wild is the perfect camp for them. Campers will be able to practice survival skills in a safe and fun manner. They will be able to embrace their creativity. Whether campers are foraging wild berries, collecting fire-starting materials, or building shelters, campers will have a day of fun. Campers will also have the opportunity to garden, hike, do mud art, build a dam at the beach, and play games.

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Horse Camp

Do you have or know a child who loves horses and is ready to learn more about them? In Horse Camp, campers will be offered one riding lesson in the morning. In addition, they will be taught some of the responsibilities that go along with owning a horse. Campers will be able to do fun games with the horses in the afternoon. Whether it is painting a horse, giving a horse a spa day, or playing musical poles, Greenwell is confident campers will finish the week loving horses even more.

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Nature Explorers

Do you have or know a child who loves the outdoors? If you answered yes, Nature Explorers is the perfect camp for them. Campers will get to discover the beauty of Greenwell by hiking, kayaking, spending time at the beach, fishing/crabbing, and playing outdoor games.

In addition, campers will be able to meet friends and play camps games that help enhance their team-building skills. They will be able to meet the horses and goats at Greenwell, as well as see the wildlife that may be hanging out around the park.

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Fishing Camp

Do you have or know a child who loves to fish? Fishing Camp allows campers to learn about the skill, fun, and serenity that goes along with fishing.

The skilled members of the Southern Maryland Recreational Fishing Organization will be at camp to help campers improve their skills. Throughout the week, campers will get the opportunity to fish from the pier and a fishing boat. The week will finish off by having a fun day of crabbing.

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