July 11, 2020

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For Almaraz, Back-to-Back Golden Gloves Titles

On March 23, Phyllis “North Phylly” Almaraz of Knowledge Boxing Center won her second Golden Gloves Championship at Rosecroft Racetrack in Fort Washington.

Ms. Almaraz won three hotly contested, two-minute rounds against Katrina Simmons of Baltimore in the 106-pound weight class. She earned a unanimous decision to secure her second consecutive Washington, DC/Maryland/Delaware Golden Gloves title.

The Leonardtown resident trains at the Knowledge Boxing Center in Lexington Park under the tutelage of Head Coach Daryl Hinmon and Assistant Coach John Richardson.

“Phyllis is one of our hardest and most consistent workers in the gym,” Mr. Hinmon said. “Her dedication, mental strength, and steadfast training is really what allows her to be so successful.”

Ms. Almaraz said she was “very prepared” for the fight.

“Anytime I was not at work, sleeping, or eating, I was working on becoming a better boxer whether it was training at our gym, sparring at other gyms, running, swimming, or watching boxing videos,” she said.

The bout was toughly contested, but Ms. Almaraz was able to push through in the heat of battle.

“My opponent was very tough, but I just kept thinking about how hard I worked to prepare for this fight,” she said. “My coaches put me through some very vigorous training, and I always pushed through. I made my mind up that I was not going to let anyone deny me of victory. This was for the Golden Glove championship, so I knew it was going to be war in the ring and I had to give it my all.”

Coach Hinmon said of his determined pupil, “She deserves every single accolade that she receives because she put the work in and earned it. She takes pride in her preparation and fights her battles with honor. Her character and integrity is off the charts! And she’s just the type of person that will be successful at whatever she puts her mind to. It is our privilege to have her on our team.”

Ms. Almaraz said it was very rewarding for all of the hard work to pay off.

“I feel so grateful to have two coaches who believe in me and mentor me. I am honored to be a two-time Golden Glove champion and grateful for the opportunity to represent my family and Knowledge Boxing,” she said.

Ms. Almaraz will compete in the 2019 Regional Championship on April 27 at Rosecroft.

To learn more about Knowledge Boxing Center, call 301-481-2978 or click on the Knowledge Boxing Center link provided above.

The organization is at 21310 Great Mills Road, Lexington Park, MD 20653.


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