July 14, 2024

Cyber Weaponry a Considered Option in Syria

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In a 10-7 vote, a Senate panel endorses US strike on Syria with restrictions on duration and involvement, reports Military.com.

Quiet discussions at the Pentagon, Fort Meade and D.C. keep cyber weaponry a considered option, reports FCW. Within the realm of actions, a cyber campaign could disable air defenses, interrupt communications, or cause enemy systems to execute and crash.

DoD has toxin neutralizers; will travel, reports Defense News.

If convinced the Syrian government authorized chemical weapon use on its citizens, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said he “doesn’t exclude” UN action, reports CNN Security Clearance.

NATO’s top commander in Afghanistan says it could take five more years of training and support to prepare Afghans to self-police, reports Defence Talk.

DoD acquisition seeks authority for a pilot program encouraging designing up-front exportability features into defense products, changing the tradition of waiting to develop exportable capability levels after a product is put into production for U.S. customers, says Defense Daily.

Brian Chappel to head Northrup’s F-35 program, reports Daily Breeze.

Dahlgren gets 10 percent of the work associated with a  $7.5 million modification to a previously contract to  Alion Science and Technology of Washington, D.C.,  for support services for the Integrated Warfare Systems and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Ships). Eighty-six percent of the work will be performed in Washington D.C., 10 percent in Dahlgren and the remainder in  Arlington, Va.

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