August 23, 2019

County Makes Board Appointments


The St. Mary’s County commissioners have appointed and reappointed the following members to boards, committees, and commissions.

Agriculture Seafood and Forestry Board

Lynn Klug (reappointment) until 12/31/23

Airport Advisory Committee

Andre Swygert (reappointment) 12/31/21

Board of Appeals

Rich Richardson (full member) 12/31/21

Board of Trustees Museum Division

Peter Neus (reappointment) 12/31/23

Commission for Women

Rose Frederick (partial term) 12/31/21

Taylor Spencer 12/31/22

Catherine Stewart 12/31/22

Kathleen Werner (reappointment) 12/31/22

Commission on Aging

Rose Frederick 12/31/21

Commission On People with Disabilities

Laura Adams (partial term) 12/31/20

Bonnie Elward (reappointment) 12/31/22

Jaclyn Hall 12/31/22

Sheryl St. Clair (reappointment) 12/31/22

Commission on the Environment

Jerome Frank (Partial Term) 06/30/19

Blake Guyther (Partial Term) 06/30/22

Steven Woodburn 12/31/22

Economic Development Commission

John Austerman (reappointment) 12/31/21

Phil Langley (reappointment) 12/31/21

Ethics Commission

David Willenborg (reappointment) 12/31/21

Historic Preservation Commission

Joshua Hughes (partial term) 06/30/20

Robert Hurry 12/31/21

Gabrielle Lawrence 12/31/21

Human Relations Commission

Laura Adams (partial term) 06/30/22

Tara Cruz (partial term) 06/30/22

Jesus Godinez (reappointment) 12/31/22

Steve Hall (reappointment) 12/31/22

Gabrielle Lawrence 12/31/22

Length of Service Award Program

Mary Ann Murray (reappointment) 12/31/21

Metropolitan Commission Board

Robert Russell (reappointment) 12/31/21

Recreation & Parks Board

Tara Cruz 12/31/22

Christine Kaila 12/31/22

Fred Parker (reappointment) 12/31/22

Retiree Benefit Trust of St. Mary’s

Mary Ann Murray (reappointment) 12/31/21

Planning Commission

Caroline King (full member/partial term) 12/31/20

Joseph St. Clair (alternate/partial term) 12/31/21

Social Services Board

Anthony Branch 12/31/21

Terry Prochnow 12/31/21

Tri-County Animal Shelter Board

Donna Poudrier (reappointment) 12/31/22

Wicomico Shores Golf Course Advisory Board

Jim Hodges (reappointment) 12/31/22

Bernard Kneeland 12/31/22

Youth Advisory Committee

Zachary Hill (Commissioner District 1 rep) 12/31/20

Maria Sokolowski (adult member) 12/31/20

For more about Lexington Park, visit the St. Mary’s County Community Development Corporation’s Leader member page.

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