January 16, 2021

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Arts & Entertainment Get Virtual Exposure


Leonardtown will launch its Virtual Artist Showcase on Sunday, April 26.

Organizers say the Leonardtown Virtual Artist Showcase is an exciting, new series that will showcase performances from local musicians, dancers, and performing artists. Each showcase will be 30 to 60 minutes long and will be available at www.VisitLeonardtownMD.com.

The online series kicked off with the Leonardtown Earth Day virtual event finale hosted by hometown favorites Robbie Boothe and Donovan Farrell and will feature new and established artists including Justin Myles, Jay Armsworthy, Wesley Spangler, Dylan Galvin, Joe Parsons, and Donna Jordan. The full series will premiere at 12:30 pm Sunday, April 26, opening with an encore of the Earth Day virtual event finale before the airing of the regular series.

Artists interested in participating in the showcase should contact brandy.blackstone@leonardtownmd.gov.

Other future virtual programming will include a variety classes, demos, workshops, and original shows.

Besides the Virtual Artist Showcase, there will be the Leonardtown Learn and Share Series and Leonardtown A&E Feature Presentations.

The majority of the online content will be free and open to the public, with reservations being required for some of the select special group events.

The Learn and Share Series will include classes and demos from local teachers/instructors, businesses, and organizations. The classes will be on a variety of subjects from exercise and cooking to learning a new skill such as knitting or dancing.

Classes will be available on the VisitLeonardtownMD.com website with subjects including: Health & Wellness with root, SUP & Fitness, Learning to Tap Dance with Justin Myles, Knitting with Crazy for Ewe, Carrie Patterson Art, Salsa with Donna Jordan, and Zumba Fitness Around Town. Class information will be available soon.

Leonardtown A&E Feature Presentations will offer original online programs and special events. Sample shows in development include online make and celebrate parties, child-friendly programming, and music variety shows on the VisitLeonardtownMD.com site. Start date for this series will be announced at a later date.

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