May 21, 2024

Appointments to Service Academies Announced

Service Academies

Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (Md.-5th) has announced the names of 14 Fifth District students who have been appointed to the US service academies.

The students, who have been nominated by Congressman Hoyer, have accepted offers either to the Air Force Academy, the Naval Academy, and the Military Academy at West Point. All service academies require that students be nominated by an authorized nominating source.

On June 21, 2019, Congressman Hoyer hosted a reception to honor the nominated students at the Library of Congress in Washington; 12 of the 14 students attended.

“I was pleased to recognize these outstanding students today and congratulate them on their achievements,” said Congressman Hoyer at the reception. “Each student here today has already shown dedication and desire to serve their nation, and I look forward to what the future has in store for each and everyone one of them. I was honored to nominate them, and I wish them well in their future endeavors.”

Also, Congressman Hoyer announced the winners of the Army Congressional ROTC scholarship. The scholarship makes it possible for members of Congress to nominate up to five candidates who were not offered an appointment to a military service academy. Two students from the Fifth District were awarded the scholarship this year, and were in attendance at the reception – Megan Zegel from Anne Arundel County and Julia Markland from Calvert County.

The following Fifth District students received appointments:

US Air Force Academy

Niyah Martinez, Charles County

US Naval Academy

Eloisa Chubb, St. Mary’s County

Margaret Foulkes, Calvert County

Renee Nosko, St. Mary’s County

William Rentz, Anne Arundel County

Jonathan Simmons, Prince George’s County

US Military Academy at West Point

Charles Burkes, St. Mary’s County

John Eckhardt, Anne Arundel County

Christoper “CJ” Holmes, Charles County

Luke McLaren, Prince George’s County

Nathaniel Smith, Prince George’s County

Kevin Ruthemeyer, Prince George’s County

US Merchant Marine Academy

Joseph Vita, Anne Arundel County

US Coast Guard Academy

Maxwell Van Rees, Calvert County

Six additional students, who received appointments from other sources but live in the Fifth District, also attended the June 21 reception:

Joshua Bowman, Prince George’s County – U.S. Naval Academy

Ryan Conway, St. Mary’s County – U.S. Naval Academy

Jasmine Forbes, Charles County – U.S. Naval Academy

Andrew McCorison, Calvert County – U.S. Naval Academy

Zachary Shieh, Prince George’s County – U.S. Naval Academy

Mason Nunn, Charles County – US Military Academy at West Point

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