August 23, 2019

2018 Hurricane Season Saw Above Normal Activity

2018 Hurricane Season

St. Mary’s County government has released a report of the 2018 Hurricane Season, and says that overall, the season featured above normal activity in the Atlantic.

There were 15 named storms that formed, and of those storms, eight became hurricanes and two became major hurricanes, which means they were category 3 or higher on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. This year’s hurricane report compares to the long-term average that the Atlantic usually reports of 12 named storms, six hurricanes, and three major hurricanes. The season also included one tropical depression, but it did not reach tropical-storm strength.

When regarded in terms of Accumulated Cyclone Energy, which measures the combined strength and duration of hurricanes and tropical storms, activity in the Atlantic basin in 2018 was also above normal. Also, seven storm systems were subtropical at some point in their lifespan during the 2018 season, which eclipses the previous record of five in 1969.

The Atlantic Tropical Weather Summary can be found online.

St. Mary’s government urges residents to be prepared for emergencies, and offers tips on its website to help them be ready for different kinds of disasters.

It’s basically impossible to live an entire lifetime without ever experiencing some kind of emergency, but county government officials say it is possible to at least know how to respond during those emergencies. “You may not be able to control a disaster or stop it from happening, [but] you do have control over how you and your family will respond,” county government says on its website. Planning for potential emergencies can lessen the impact of disasters when they happen. Some kinds of planning can even help residents avoid danger.

During some types of disasters, emergency responders may not be able to get to every family immediately. Every resident’s ability to be self-sufficient can mean the difference between surviving and not surviving a disaster. Check out the county website, listed above, for help on preparing for emergencies.

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