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Winter Weather, Water Pipes & More Warnings


As the first winter storm of the season approached, public utilities began sending out their Winter Weather Warnings. St. Mary’s County Metropolitan Commission — in charge of St. Mary’s County’s public water and sewerage systems — issued some of the first advisories to keep on hand for the upcoming cold weather.

MetCom’s preventative measures are not necessarily because storms necessarily increase the number of water main breaks, but road conditions may cause logistical and safety challenges for field crews. This could mean longer than normal service disruptions in the event of a needed emergency repair for MetCom as well as other utilities and safety services.

Just as MetCom keeps its water distribution system as full as possible during storms, and advises customers to conserve water, particularly in the case of a power outage.

Update your emergency contact list for your power utility. And test and top-off any mobile, temporary power equipment you have, including generators.

Preparing snow removal and salting equipment at key locations in your home and on your property.

If MetCom customers encounter water or sewer service issues during the storm they should call MetCom’s Emergency Call Center at 301.373.5305.

 MetCom further asks:

  • Please conserve water in the event of a power
  • If your property is serviced by a grinder pump and you experience a power outage, conserve water until power is restored. It is normal for the sewage grinder pump to alarm for several minutes once electrical power is restored; however, please contact MetCom at 301-373-5305 if the alarm continues.
  • In the event weather conditions affect MetCom operations, we will inform the media and provide updates. Customers can stay updated by visiting metcom.org. We will provide status updates as often as we are able to do so.

MetCom does not generally maintain the pipes on private property. Homeowners can take these steps to lessen the impact on the pipes in their homes during the winter months:

  • Tightly close doors and windows to the outside.
  • Turn off water to outside.
  • Insulate outside walls, pipes, and water meters. Consult with your plumber or hardware store about proper.
  • Consider signing up for our voluntary month-to-month warrantee program that includes thawing and frozen pipe coverage offered thru Service Line Warranties of America.

Prepare in case of frozen pipes or a longer than normal period of time without water service.

  • Do NOT use a blow torch to thaw the pipe. Instead try a hair.
  • Have extra water on hand. At least one gallon a day per person (more if you have pets).
  • Fill clean containers with tap water.
  • Fully charge cell phones and update important contact.
  • Property owners are responsible for their own pipes. If you are unsure if you have a frozen or broken pipe MetCom recommends homeowners call a licensed plumber.
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